i thought you knew lyrics – esham

[woman singing]
i thought you knew, but it seems you don’t
so now i gotta put you in yo place because most n*gg*z won’t
give you all a piece of my mind
the truth’ll set you free and the truth is hard to find
had a little hoe, she loved to wine & dine
her favorite number’s 69, so is mine
in those times a n*gg* felt good
in the sunshine, i misunderstood
many hoes, many hoes
i ran thru plenty hoes, plenty hoes
call me a pimp or a mack dad
or call me a mr.propalac dad
it’s a toss up if my homies fell thru
see i shouldn’t have to tell you
i thought you knew
i thought you knew about the unholy black devil
d*ck in my hand
to let you know where i stand(stand)
i with my man with the 40 in his hand(hand)
i can’t trust the cops cause they the ku klux klan(klan)
motown, all the real n*gg*z know
the radio try to play me out like a hoe
cause i won’t criss cross over to the pop
just cause i gotta little problem with the cops
props come and the radio go
but i ain’t n*body’s hoe
i thought you knew
i thought you knew about a n*gg* like me
i’m just into clockin cash
but some n*gg*z clockin me
and still don’t know the time
all on my line
just cause i’m f*ckin ya woman’s mind
i gotta get my roll on
i gotta get my stroll on
i gotta get ’em on
and once it’s on, i’m feelin alright
i think i’ma f*ck yo woman tonight
cause i don’t care
i don’t give a f*ck
about bushy kissin ya baby and how she sucked on my nuts
i f*cked her in the b*tt like yesterday
i ain’t got nuttin else to say
i thought you knew

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