i too eye lyrics – hades

she’s dynamite in bed, isn’t that what’s in your head?!
i see your hungry smile, you make me sicker all the while!

i’m gonna tell you what it’s all about
the truth of the matter is
you’re like a roach who sees a scr*p of food
i call it rude, yeah!
your middle-aged fantasies, hopeless attempts at ecstasy
so keep your eyes in your head, you know d*mn well
she ain’t winding up in your bed!

now i must honestly tell
that i have done it as well
you go through these things in life
but you, i can’t understand
i’m just a kid, you’re a man
what about your wife?!
you call yourself adult
you’re just adulterous!

can’t you… i too eye
you never will… see eye to eye
see eye too eye
it’s too late to… see eye to eye
you’d go and throw it all away
just for a lousy lay
tell me is it worth all the sweat?
only to wake up in regret
or is your conscience simply dead?!

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