i wanna be… lyrics – twiztid

i wanna be batman ’cause everybody really ain’t sh*t to me
my super hero picture me if i was, batman
studios and shows
utility belt with a compartment for the free rolls
smokin’ bat bud off in the bad cave
jamie madrox (hidden message)
gotham don’t look sh*t like detroit
but i think these motherf*ckers get the point
listen, word on the street
about the arkham break
scare crow, poison ivy, catwomen, two-face
all trying to kill me before the nightfall
but i got a bat suprise for each one of all
scare crow tryna front with me when i’m up in lakeside
flash the batarang watch the b*tch n*gg* die

hold up
i don’t know what the f*ck you’re talkin’ about
you ain’t batman, f*ck you
i’m batman

i don’t know who he was
i met this motherf*cker in the flea market
he was sellin’ 8-10 glossies with his autograph on
i got the gloves
i got the belt
i got the boots
lemme walk in the closet for sec
help! help!
i got a bat d*ck
help! help!
you wanna see my d*ck b*tch?

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