i wanna die lyrics – dark lotus

[monoxide child:]
now that i’m dead and gone
look at me
i’m floating like the breeze
with my roots strong like trees
i’m filtered in your memories
holding a candle light vigil
saying a prayer
my name is graced
buried with the paint on my face
i put the chase up long enough
i live the lifestyle wrong and tough
and now my life span’s up
i give a f*ck
i’m about to run it in the after life
and hopefully they put my soul in the butcher knife

[shaggy 2 dope:]
if i was to die
it’d make a lot of people happy
no funeral possesions
no plot at the cemetery
i can be alone in my own world
the wagons come take me away from the killing fields
if i was to die
would you finally shut your mouth?
understand what i am
understand what i’m about
like curse
place me up high on your pedastil
i’m about to find out
(shaggy it’s time to go)

[chorus x2:]
i wanna die
so i can see the otherside
i wanna die
so i can fly (take me with you)
i wanna die
take me to the otherside
i wanna die
so i can fly (take me away)

[violent j:]
i wanna die
maybe i’ll get angel wings
so i can cut them off
cook them up
i have some h*lly wing dings
i’d take my hallo off
get myself a ladder
hang it on the wall
maybe you’ll think it’s a gold record
everybody follow my he*rs*
why does everybody always gotta go and die first?
before their homies are missing them
family members kissing them
everybody even enemies stop dissing them
i want to die
so i can haunt my buddies
stand behind them in the mirror with my eyes all bl**dy
stick my long, black, cold tongue all in the ear
and be like, “i’m only playing”
and disappear
i wanna die
and have everything answered
what happened to my father?
why was i a b*st*rd?
what is thunder?
is it really god bowling?
and nightime’s a blanket
and all the stars are the holes in it

[chorus x2]
jamie madrox:
your answers are unneccesary
you understand
never question the emotions
of an unstable man
i got the petals of the lotus
and the pedal to the floor
following a black he*rs*
in the rain through a thunder storm
never once did i invision
me being stuck in such a situation
he made decisions
and now his spirit levitating
i can see him waving at me
through the window of the he*rs*
he’s crying blood
it all stops and it gets worst

[blaze ya dead homie:]
ashes to ashes
dust to dust
at least that’s what i was told
when i was on the come up
been to the grave and it ain’t no joke
resurfaced to the earth with the spirits i envoke
cut down in my prime
when my block got hit
now i’m riding in the back of a he*rs* and sh*t
darkness, pitch black
never seeing no one
and the devil got his darkest demons
riding shotgun

[chorus x2]

take me away
take me with you
take me away
take me with you
take me away [echo]

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