i wanna hold you lyrics – cotton pickers

in my dreams, so it seems, there is you, only you.
all the time, i finally find, you are always on my mind.
every time, i have to go, i feel your tears – it hurts me so.
my hard is aching, my head is tired, i can’t do nothing
without you by my side.

‘cause i wanna hold you – from the end of the day
till the morning sun comes through.
baby, i wanna hold you – we could take a little time
and together we could make it true.

driving home, in my car, i think of you, so far away.
the day is done, i’m all alone, i’m feeling blue, i’m missing you.
i’d like to call you on the phone, but i know you’re not at home.
i just want you, here to be, only your voice couldn’t satisfy me.

‘cause i wanna hold you – …

‘cause i wanna hold you – …
…let us take a little time and together we

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