i want out of the circus lyrics – cracker

now bm i, i want f#(7) out of the bm circus
since the g girl in the blue sparkly d(7) dress
on one g knee, f# i con-bm-fessed g
put an bm end to that f#(7) exchange of bm glances g-f#7

now i, i want out of the circus
that old gang of dwarves
sometimes, they’re downright feral
when they, they’ve been around that old beer barrel


(this verse is absent from the garage d’or version)
the old lion’s teeth
seems like a smile to me
with some sweet relief
i just stick my head in

now my tale, it’s too ordinary
for anyone to care at all
not like the man repeatedly struck by lightning
when he bears his scars, we all know

when he bm bears his f#(7) scars, he’s a bm star g-f#7

bm (garage d’or version only)


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