i want to know you lyrics – colorblind james experience

first time i saw you, you were standing alone
waiting for a bus to take you home
i wanna know you, i wanna know you
saw you down on barker street now
i was hoping we might meet now

last time i saw you, you looked lost in a crowd
racing in the shade of a thunder cloud
i tried to say, “hi” but you p*ssed me by
no need to fret, no need to worry
it’s not like i am in a hurry

maybe today, maybe tomorrow
maybe a life of hurt and sorrow
take comes and don’t complain
n*body’s listening anyway

so now you’re lying ‘neath a willow tree
stretching out your lunch-break probably
i wanna know you, i wanna know you
your guard is down i [?] caught you there plain [?]
i was hoping this would happen

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