i will go quietly lyrics – shivaree

i will go quietly
don’t move your chair
won’t even try it
wouldn’t even dare
you come walking down
with a mouthful of sand
we better cut it out
cause it’s out of hand
and it’s loud out on the street
so please

i will go quietly

drive with my lights out
won’t even change my clothes when i get there
i’ll go so quietly

i swear

i will go quietly
i’ll leave my speech
hold down the mystery
with a throat full of bleach
and i won’t go talking now
not even a sigh
i’ll sleep on a broken bough
with a nail in my eye
and i won’t hear a beat again
i will go quietly

but i’ll stay screaming inside your sleep
i’ll stamp out the moon and i’ll shear all of your sheep

i will go quietly
i won’t brush my teeth
won’t even tell myself when i get there
i’ll go so quietly
no one will even see
and they won’t hear
i’ll go so quietly
i swear

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