i will kill you – you will die lyrics – lord weird slough feg

released from the bondage
bloodl*st is turned to knowledge
i will kill you
return into the carnage
sentient forms have risen
time is an endless prison
you will die
i’ll become cold and wizened
you know your place in history
are you denying i am free?
any prophet of this new dark age can see
rise from the tomb of millions
crawl to become reptilian
i will kill you
like those who came before you

life never ceased to bore you
you will die
history will ignore you
then you’ll engage in prophecy
why can’t you handle being free?
another victim of a slaughter prophecy
no need for ritual slaughter
bow to the crest of martyrs
you will evolve
but not getting any smarter
you think the truth will set you free
while you’re denying what you see
any prophet of this new dark age can see

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