icefire’s blue lyrics – rimmersgard

so once again i stood on a plain, a plain covered with ice and snow
of a winterland frozen in dream, and the dream even frozen

within i walked through the icy wind that tells from the icefires’ blue

oh, through the frost i find my way, bare of my last disguise
and the wells are frozen to ice; no murmuring water
along i walk through the snow, where i’ve never been before
on and onward i walk through the snow ontoward the gleaming and

light of the icefire’s blue

thought, i fell asleep in a raging storm of snow
despair intends to close mine eyes
slightly the snow begins to cover me
and the dream of a distant land
the shining of blue envelopes me with her strength
strength that i never could gain – oh into myself
and out of my own

behold, who you never felt icefire’s blue, you shall see only a pair of eyes
but the strength is hidden inside, so gallantly soft to be felt

oh, and soon i have to leave this my dear winterland
oh and the icefire’s blue, i shall carry on within my heart.

i have returned!

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