idolizer lyrics – we the gathered

so many people
so many faces
stare a hole right through me
not knowing that they’re looking at imperfection
the cold stare of expectation
gets the best of me
these wounds will be opened
for the world to see
lets rewrite the chapters
of a story that lets me down
no longer slaving myself to a pattern
that part of me must die
the process begins of me
returning to what i was
and not of what i’ve become
this feeling i know all to well
i feel the weight of the world
the pressure is lifting
read through these pages again
and see what i left for you
with closed eyes, i beg of you..
find a way from this hole
no longer fall into place with the rest
rise above the ashes of complacency
you will always, be my idol
my faith in you will not fail
my faith in you will not falter

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