if i can’t have u lyrics – esham

(i’m gon kill that b*tch
why you do this to me baby?
somethin’s wrong, somethin’s definitely wrong
somethin’s wrong)
early sunday morning i woke up from my sleep
my b*tch was on the creep
and sh*t was gettin knee deep
i looked up at the clock, it said 12: 02
and ain’t no tellin what i’m bout to do
i thought she knew
animalistic n*gg* out the zoo
crazy, oh it’s true
call my b*tch boo
i jumped up out the bed, i saw her panties on the flo’
got visions of a n*gg* f*ckin my ho
at the mo-mo
i left up out the house, my mind was still in a daze
i left the street sweeper, dragged around in a rage
paranoid, i betta calm down fo’ i bust
12: 30 in the mornin, thinkin who can i trust?
’cause i know she with that n*gg* that i saw in my dream
and once i catch the b*tch, i’ma make the ho scream
so now i walk around with the gauge in my hand
’cause my b*tch sucks the d*ck of some other man
if i can’t have you… no n*gg* can… and[x2]
i smell p*ssy all the way from up the block
as i walk
schizophrenic, as the voices in my head start to talk, sayin
(you know yo b*tch f*ckin that n*gg*,
you know yo b*tch f*ckin that n*gg*
you know yo b*tch f*ckin that n*gg*,
you know yo b*tch f*ckin that n*gg*)
d*mn–i end up at the motel 6
i see my car parked in front, visions of p*ss*es and d*cks
i thought my d*ck was the only d*ck she sucked,
the only n*gg* she f*cked
i guess i was wrong, then my mind got gone
it was on
metamorphasize, now she dies
dr. jekyl turns into mr. hyde
i ran to the room with the strongest p*ssy fumes
comin through the do’, didn’t know what was in sto’
i kicked the do’ open… oh sh*t, guess what i saw?
eazy-e, was f*ckin my b*tch raw–aw
(not eazy, not eazy!)
if i can’t have you, no n*gg* can[x2]
(baby… baby… i gotta kill my b*tch–i’m gon miss her)

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