if only lyrics – alyssa milano

everytime i think about it
something strong comes over me
never will i live to doubt it
that you and i were simply meant to be
how could we have given up so easy
when we had so much worth fighting for
* if only we had worked it out together
through it all
if only we talked a little longer
and broken down thewalls
if only we had held each other tighter
you’d might still be with me
everytime i dream about it
i picture what we should have done
ubt how can i forget it
when life with you had only just begun
now i sit alone thinkin’ about us
wondering where we would have been today
* repeat

i don’t know if i can take it anymore
i’m fighting on for you, but i’m losing the war
so tell me what i should do
to get back inside of you
once again
* repeat

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