i’ll miss you lyrics – burr

this is burr
final version
i’m back

hey i just cant stand you
you are just a fool
there was a time when it was me and you
but now that’s through
we can never be together again
its just the truth
my friend
it was good while it lasted
but now it’s done so f*ck it

i can’t believe we could ever be
you were just to good for me
i couldn’t believe you said yes
but now its something i regret
cause you smashed my heart
and you wanna have a new start
well i’m sorry sweetheart
that won’t go far
i lost my head
when are relationship went dead
it’s not something i want again
so bye baby girl
you cant be my world again

but we can still be friends
we can be that again
now the time is through
so baby
i’ll miss you

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