illumination of the five realms lyrics – firstborn

let there be homage,
homage to the virtuous one.
conqueror of what must be conquered,
resplendent with knowledge.

beyond the eightfold narakas’
where one dies a thousand deaths,
constantly consumed by flame,
the fire-torment of great roruva.

there lies pain, without intermission.

beyond the cesspool of milhaküpa,
the embers of kukkula,
the trees of the asipattavana
and the nad’ river

there lie those having swords for nails.

beyond the animal realm,
where men are driven into
by p*ssion and delusion,
by anger and arrogance.

there lie nägas of great iddhi-power.

beyond the realm of ghosts and demigods,
the petas and katapütanas.
where the wicked are reborn
as deformed k*mbhandas’

there lie those reborn as yama’s rakkhasas.

suffering is the fruit of evil,
comfort of meritorious action.
a mixture of a mixture’
one should know that every fruit corresponds to the

such is the doctrine of karma.
such is the way of man,
towards the realms of the devas,
and p*ssion’s release.

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