i’m on fire lyrics – jackyl

here i stand now
don’t you
recognize me me
give this devil his due
i’m still the man and that may
surprise you
and i am far from through
i got a plan, it’s not hard to see
i make my moves while you are looking at me
there’s only one thing for you to understand
if there’s two in the bush, then there’s three in my hand

i can’t stop, no i ain’t a quitter
i’m on fire, ah baby i’m a home run hitter
you can turn your back on me now
and i’ll still find my way
’cause the sun don’t shine on the same dog’s *ss everyday

i crave the crunch, ’cause it fuels my fire
i’m like a bon scott, i’m a live wire
i got a b*tch, i got a b*tch to pitch
you just struck it rich
if you’re looking for a good time
no it’s not hard to see
well if your lookin’ at me
then you can say you’ve seen rock city


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