i’m only out for one thang lyrics – ice cube

(feat. flavor flav)

[flavor flav]
well two bees in a bucket
mother motherf*ck it
you either flavor flav it
or you chuck chuck chuck it
kiss my *ss or suck a d.i.c.-
k. stands for kill so don’t f*ck with me
i f*cked that lady in the bed
i missed that p*ssy and i bust a spread
i tried it again in a thumping wagon
the bottom fell out and her *ss started dragging
tried it again and i failed to grasp
i missed that p*ssy and i bust my *ss
then i f*cked this lady in the tree
the baby came out and said “run-dmc”

[ice cube]
i knew this girl who looked just like you
light brown and a fly hair-do
i wanted to do her, screw her
so i stepped to her
on-key b*tch had more *ss than a donkey
i said you’re the type of girl that i can’t p*ss over
give me one chance and i’ll bend your *ss over
just call me the plumber at the end of the night
cause a n*gg* like me’ll lay plenty of pipe
she didn’t get offended it was splendid to me
cause mister nice guy is what i pretended to be
i guess i just wine her and dine her
and by the end of the night i’ll be behind her
waxing that *ss like rain dance
on the b*mper get the p*ssy then i dump her
took her to the comfort inn
tucked her in
pulled out the third leg pumped it in
she said will you call me
yeah i’ll call you a b*tch or a hoe after i ball ya
naw i’m just playin but it’s still the same
cause a n*gg* like ice cube is only out for one thang

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