i’m pretty tired and i’m pretty old lyrics – i am the ocean

she said “let’s do it again”
and i said it too.
“you would,” she says, “if you knew what’s good for
so i says to her.

listen to me closely; i’m of utmost seriousness when i
say this with these eyes partly (not unheartedly)
broken open.

and she heard me good…i know.
i still got a heart though, it’s gone hard and cold.
and if i’ll ever quit, well i don’t know…
but i’m pretty tired…and i’m pretty old.
and maybe if i was more like a/my/her dad, i could lie,
so much better (and i don’t mean to “fib”)
it’s meant much more “biblical”…
like a spear: taking to rib(s).

and i’m not scared to let you know:
some (will) soon see: more (of) my fists.

and when she says: “let’s do it again,”
i’ll always say it too.
i may say that i quit, but i really never do.

oh no (no no)… i won’t believe you.
well, you’re just a copy, and i love my junk…
oh, no (no no)… she said: “i don’t believe you:
you always say that you quit, but you really never do.”

but just give me one more… just one more day?

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