i’m so paid (freestyle) lyrics – trey songz

konvict (nope) i rep the songbook no disrespect when a
n*gg* get his song took i’m on my grind though
must i remind those ya’ll see through even with a blind
fold i just got a day so i’m a fly away live life in
the flieist
shawty fly safe trey so she gotta get her head right
cause i ain’t there every nite even if the head right
true in deed who is he how he say that (songz) if u
with me this tha level u’ll play at
(yup) but u ain’t thought (no) but ain’t know i’m a do
me cause these other n*gg*s can’t thought aye that’s a
nice chain homie where u cop that i don’t give a f*ck
never would have cop that
over there head like a motherf*cker top back no dis the
pain b4 they even try 2 start that stop that watch that
want that cop that i miss mi pick up where did they
give they props at uh i don’t what ya’ll playin so so
def i don’t know what ya’ll sayin what’s up jd (what’s
they can’t play me heavy in da game even if they out
weight me not tipocol r&b dude might get lost tryin
follow my rules ya’ll can’t fit 1 of my shoes ain’t no
that want 2 be u aye what it is ya’ll wanna be cool
pinoclo dude don’t want 2 be true ha i crack myself up
talk a lot of sh*t so i back miself up please lighten
urself up lil n*gg*s tighten belts up
i’m a star cause i shine but they c me from far away
burn into carmenel burn in 2 car away homies use 2 hug
tha block turn it in 2 lil rock no jay & kayne i’m
talking about that hard aye beaten n*gg*s up or
probolabloy f*ck up your problems
cut da braids gain weight then they c another trey
rocket spincess *ss sh*t young black brad pitts wanna
ask questions well let me ask this y u sitting there on
your computer *ss b*tch u can say what’s on your mind
but mine *ss rich i get paid 2 come a long way 2 smoke
mad pitch every other verse i spit higher then mi last
sh*t iim da *ss y u mad p*ssed mixtape flow let da
mixtape go no oh your a mixtape posser
beat da beat then i skeet 4 da freaks only r&b n*gg* u
gone peak in da streets & only want 2 b n*gg* know
trigga eat beef so bring it on like a cheerleader movie
like a bomb & i still be da dookie feelin like an oozie
i’m bustin automaticlly & it such a trady i got these
n*gg*s mad at me haterea it such a
flatterea a f*gera slate da beat tell me who da f*ck
come up after me huh

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