i’m ugly and i don’t know why lyrics – butt trumpet

i was walking home from school one day
when i saw danny standing there
i tried to show him my dirty underwear
he showed me his and nothing would compare
and he said
you’re ugly
what the f*ck gave birth to you?
you’re ugly
and i bet your mom is too
you’re ugly
man what’s with that doo?
you’re ugly because you’re ugly
i kinda wonder when i think back to those days
why did all the boys get scared and run away?
so i looked in the mirror to see if it was true
my reflection looked at me like it was scared too
and it said
let me tell you guys a little story about my second grade love. his name
was danny and he looked so good this one day in his plaid tuffskins. and
everyday after school i would go pick him up at his cl*ssroom, and one day
these three girls came out before he did, and this one girl named heidi
weller had this handfull of pumpkind seeds. and i said, “let me see those
pumpkin seeds,” and she said, “no.” and i grabbed her hand and i said,
“let me see those pumpkind seeds now, b*tch!” and i looked at them and
they had danny irving’s name written on every one of them d*mn pumpkin
seeds and i said, “hey b*tch! that’s my boyfriend! why do you have my
boyfriend’s name written on all your pumpkin seeds? i’m gonna have to kick
your f*ckin’ *ss, b*tch!” and you know what she had the nerve to say to
me? she said…

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