in another life lyrics – vienna teng

in another life
you and i worked west virginia coal mines
side by side
collecting the black dust like sin
the day the main shaft caved in
i caught your eye
as the lantern light guttered out
and the afterdamp swallowed us slowly
i gripped your hand
and caught a glance
of the next time ’round

in another life
you and i were red guards in training
side by side
we marched on tiananmen
turned our own parents in
for h**rding rice
and in the great leap forward
we crawled on our bellies and died
a blood orange sky
gave a cry
of next time ’round

in another life
i was married at thirteen
you were killed at twenty-one
on a minor battlefield
i was buried beside my second stillborn child
my last thought it seemed
a fever dream

now we sink into a summer afternoon
central park in june
marveling at the bounty our days contain
and we feel it like the shiver
of a p*ssing train
that other life
deep underground
you and i
side by side
we are the next time ’round

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