in my black church lyrics – ecnephias

a feast day
the same old feast day …the same old f*cking feast day
people who now pray …people who now pray
people who despair …despair
people who believe …what do they believe in?
people who then cry …cry
people who never think beyond
lives who never laugh at life

their feast comes
the same old f*cking feast comes
mouths stuffed with vain prayers
drowning in despair
people who believe
then cry over unheard cries
brains shut to avoid all the whys
lives that never enjoy life

lies forever sealed in the name
of a loser god of his alleged love
yet in their eyes the insane one is me …yes it’s me
liars who really want to feed
their sh*t and lies to our thirsty hearts
yet they still think that evil lies in me
in my black church

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