in my dreams lyrics – pat benatar

i have been here in this lonely place
longer than i care to think or say
hopin’ with a little luck
maybe i’d find someone like you

i have watched you nearly every morning
gettin’ your coffee, stretchin’, yawnin’
doin’ all the little things you do
to start your day

[chorus 1]
in my dreams i hold your hand
lay my cheek close to yours
and hold back as long as i can
feel the sweet sting of your kiss as our lips combine

i know that you’ve seen me, too
once you smiled when i looked at you
i wonder if you thought about me
the way i thought of you

maybe i just make too much of p*ssing glances
fleeting touches, maybe i’m a dreamer
maybe so are you

[chorus 2]

in my dreams i hold you close
love you the way that i’d hope
say what you already know
in my dreams i pretend
that you are mine

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