in sorrow lyrics – acid death

oh mist! this pneumatic mist which exterminates
brutally dreams and exceptions
resistance can be corrupted so easy no one could hope
oh no- no one could hope!

mother says life is godly present
but it hurts you so much, especially in your loneliness
or if you try to get consoled- consoled in hard times
using yourself been aggrieved

happines`s song isn`t sung anymore
retrying for it could be funny
living in sorrow for ever, and always remembering the lost
and everything which won`t exist again

the blood runs fast-fast in veins following the heartbeats
feel your nerves-feel your nerves strained feel your mind in pain
some tears flow, maybe elements of love-maybe elements
of love hate or sorrow

the pain dominates when the fist breaks the pane of gl*ss
the anger becomes bigger, the cries so woeful
some times of tranquillity are enough
before next bursting out which maybe deliver forever

in sorrow!

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