in the dead of night lyrics – fleshcrawl

bodies over bodies – one by one
they got sliced – by this b*st*rd son
helpless victim of an unreal horror mind
in one second takes you to the other side

is it just a dream – or is it real
shaken by a shiver – psychopathic ride
in the moment when you hesitate you feel
sharp blades severing flesh and bones like peeled

creep – on your knees
pray – mercy me
my task is search, find and kill again
i was born as a modern jack for everyone

murder is the case – in which he believes
dissecting his victims – expert in human anatomy

live and let die – decision is mine
under the eyes of the sun
human leftovers – lifeless remains
all means to my abnormal plans

suffer this h*ll – find your way into
this horror trip without return
pack and send off – numberless parts
until the next episode starts

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