in the ditch lyrics – hate plow

drunken, bl**dy mess, to this i must confess
beaten like a b*tch, defeated in the ditch
pummled to the ground, no help to be found
blood stains cover my shirt and a mouthfull of dirt

screaming from across the tracks, loser get in the ditch
courage from my drinking, didn’t save me from my beating
now i start to rise, with missing teeth and blackened eyes
i now admit my loss, my pride is what it cost

fighting, in the ditch
bleeding, in the ditch
pummled, in the ditch
you’ll die in the ditch

looking for a friend, to save my *ss again
he’s running for his life, got his *ss kicked from behind
i don’t even make a sound, knocked out from the beat down
i now admit he loss, all this sh*t from the source

in the ditch, you will die

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