in the night lyrics – voice

horses trampling in my room
knights are roaring, they got swords of steel
one of them is falling down
the sword deep in his chest that i can feel

battlefields and big guns, ev’rywhere i go
i try to run away from but i am too slow
much too slow

spiders coming from the wall
crawling in my bed, i go insane
one of them the biggest of all
injects me her poison into my vein

i realize my mind is wrecked, the pulse is beating low
i try to run away from but i am too slow, much too slow

in the night in my dreams
i see odd things in the jungle of my mind
when i close my eyes
mysterious shadows in the still of the night
illusion of truth
can see the fight between the giants from heaven and
lay my body down to sleep
my fancy’s awake while i’m dreaming

a plane is rising to the sky
engines are running with deafening roar
it takes me to the universe
to places eyes have never seen before

thousands of light years far away from you
aliens around me nothing i can do

in the night in my dreams…

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