in the slaughterhouse lyrics – holocaust

break 2x
waiting for the b*st**l death – in that bl**dy slaughterhouse
bull`s approaching feel his breath – blood`s streaming out his mouth

break 4x ran
rough he takes me to the rack – his battle cry sounds in my ears
the axe is falling down my neck – n*body knows the feaaaaaaar hoch
i will be reborn – to be free again…..

break the—-auftakt
the shamble becomes red in blood – raw meat was eaten up
blood shreds this sacrifice – it was not a sign of gooooood
i`m waking up in horror fright – i know i`ll never win this fight
there`s something hanging over me – the butcher`s axe – no time to flee
i will be reborn – to be free again…….
you are the next victim – the blood i bleed was not in vain
the butchercompany will come – to lead you to the slaughter
i will be reborn – to terminate my exercise
minds are rolling down the streets – blood is dripping from the trees


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