in the womb of winter lyrics – compos mentis

we see it as a narration but in the womb of winter time stands still
nothing echoes and nothing moves

with a universal affection
the winter takes it all
like a spreading disease
crimson stains conspicuously on the ground
cloaked in pestilence, it bleeds
like a spreading disease

a cold winter morning
crystalline rime on the ground
white diamonds and pearls
and the world opens it’s eyes

a cold winter morning
bright drops dwell on the pane
meet in cold embrace
and the world opens it’s eyes

like the sirens’ song, the winter reveals itself
as a deadly temptress, fraudulent and haughty
arraying us in it’s wintry veil
leaving us cold and numb
in the womb of winter

a cold winter day
bare trees go down on their knees
stroke the soil with their branches
the pale sun is crossing the sky

a cold winter evening
the snow descends from above
and drapes the ground in white
and the world closes it’s eyes

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