in your smile lyrics – na leo pilimehana

verse 1
guess things always work out like their supposed to
and im not one to doubt whats in plain view
so this is where my life is meant to lead me
right into the very soul of you
you look at me i wonder what your thinking
you don’t say much but still i feel your heart
so lay your little head upon my shoulder
i know that im blessed just playing this part

if i could just hold this place in time
always have your heart right here with mine
wish i could forever be your one and only
but i know your spirit will fly free
so i’ll be content to let you be
just let me hold you for a while
and i know i’ll always be there in your smile

verse 2
when i think back on all i thought i wanted
well i must admit you didn’t cross my mind
but now that you are here i can’t help wondering
how i ever could’ve been so blind

everyday i fall harder and harder
deeper and deeper
stronger and stronger
everyday just more and more in love

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