inborn lust lyrics – beheaded

[music: d.bugeja]
[words: o.grech]

strengthened by a call of abnormal parentage
echoes reverberate off this (incantatory) patronage
my footing’s uncontrived in an urge for revelation
as i trace the aforehead voice in ascendant volition
sun’s rays – perforate the horizon inaugurating another day
nature’s music – halts my dream withering the night away
dawn’s light – melts against me giving birth to a misty haze
her voice – touches me deep setting my restless desires ablaze
inborn l*st temptates my incandescending crave
visualising forbidden allurements –
i’m enslaved helplessly divulging the sound emanating source
imperative sensuality discloses to follow its course

[repeat verse 2]

churning and twisting
inside these flaming scars
unveil your stained ident*ty
tear off my horrid mask
buried within my ruthless obsession [x2]

with outstretched hands i grope at the misconceived
the same voice guides me as the calling perseveres
wallowing on planes roamed by fatidic ent*ties
nailed to prolonged solitude and contentment depravity

[solos: david, omar]

[repeat verse 4]

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