incarnate solvent abuse lyrics – carcass

“if visible identification
is not possible, the
pathologist may be able
to take fingerprints from
the body. if decay has set
in, things become more

reaving fats from
corporal griskin
culled for sodden
gelatine brayed
skeletal groats
sere glutenate brewed
for frivolous solvent abuse

derogate co*rs* remains
for glue to dry
despoiled marrow razed

a truculent shamble
so severe

extravated bone
as adhesive incarnate
a pellucid quietus
nocuously i create

corporal glue
breathe in the fumes
mucilage vapours
toxic fumes to savour


comminuted remains
a gum to dry
a lissom gel so glazed

a truculent shambolic affair

the exsanguine esprit
shorted as snuff
rheumic oils forever
bonded together as gum

human glue
choke on the fumes
noxious vapours
slaughterous labour


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