incarnation of evil lyrics – candlemass

[7: 47]

“edge of time, the dawn of our heaven
all is black the return of the fallen angel
amongst us, a devil is disguise
the preacher of the wicked
establishing his kingdom”
a million souls so lost and d*mned
alive but not so well
and the devil raised his hand
and sent them down to h*ll
just like your father held your hand
he’s watching over his creed
d*mnation and death, they’ll burn in flames
no matter how they plead
to you, coming for your soul
just like a shepherd *ssembling his flock
this one rules h*ll’s domain
satanic force, lucifer’s power
attack, and he will reign
to you, coming for your soul
into the night we will go
into the night we will go
out from the night he comes
saviour but black
“won’t you come, come and join us”?
you had better!
there’s no time to beg for mercy
the devil says no, no
you’ll be his faithful servant
this time on earth
black is the devil, antichrist
the tempter d*mned your birth
listen to the wicked, sell your soul
forever h*ll awaits
into the night we will go

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