indulge in genocide lyrics – man must die

deafening the sound of silence
as i come apart from within
my overwhelming need for violence
has taken control
their bred for killing
cut loose my feelings
just thoughts of death inside
indulge in genocide

this war born inside me prevails
caused by mental torture
this twisted psychosis remains
as my heart burns black now

opening the book of sorrow
each page my hommage to sin
inside i feel so hollow
and then my blackouts begin

my pain divine
devours my mind
they can try but they never will find you
i am the one who chooses your final day

f*ck it!
my rage is unleashed
f*ck it!
it’s killing time
f*ck it !
take a look through my eyes
f*ck it !
you all look like pigs to me

infiltrate the barriers of your mind
your under my control
killing for the rush
disregard the lives you crush
in my violent wake
soul destroying force of nature
lives inside me
rooted in us all
force-fed hate from day one

i want you to die
as my heart burns black now

as my wings of wrath begin to unfold
my secrets are forever untold

my mind distorted
the need to kill, i just can`t stop it
gods creation
unleash my wrath upon this nation
i am the victim
a product of the new way of life

it calls on me
to wash the filth away

new millennium

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