infected misery lyrics – red descending

tormented thoughts climb into the sky
where they have room to grow
the smallest seed can become the greatest tree
and so your burden thrives on you

helplessly the clouds they darken constantly
until they fall down upon you
with tnem come the leaves to flatten the belief
that somehow you can make it through

erase your freedom and accept suffering
there’s no way you’re breathing you’ll weep until i say

erase your freedom and accept suffering
the punishment is for your crimes that killed innocence

now you’ll see for eternity into the depths of cruelty

seeds have been sown, to crush your crown to burn your

justice grows in strength until it crushes you, in the
the shocking truth, dismay and fear engulfs every plan
escape is not an option, no one knows you’re here
this is where pain is born: infected misery

wait for the needle to infiltrate your skin
the sooner that we start, the sooner pain begins
time for retribution it’s time for reparation
for years we’ve hunted and we’ve tracked you down

how does it feel on the other side of the blows?
revenge is cold but it heals the most
sing this tale loud, from up upon the hills
to be a warning to future foes

killer, liar, satan’s messiah, torture denier, king of
now you’re caught and chained to the ground it’s
payback time for you
feel the iron into your back the smell of flesh burns
keep on fighting all you want your lips are turning

die slow…

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