infernal lullaby lyrics – dharma

you hold one candle to your face
and i hold the other to mine
i watched as the light danced
in your darkened eyes

shadows are rising
to swallow the stars
whispers are coming
from our scars

anywhere we hide
is never too far away
everything i know
is a gift from the devil
and everywhere you go
you will see the signs
he is giving

my hands on your skin
we play in the dark
lips of my angel
kiss me good night

hey you
i know what you’re searching for
but i can’t understand that
why don’t you want a little bit more
i’m here
and you push me away
like a child gets rid of a bad toy
that’s right
’cause you only want to play
and i don’t let you play with my joy

manipulation and utilization
things that you know perfectly
*n*lization and judication
it’s too easy

love me for myself
even if i’m hard
take me and then break me
not that is what i want
hold me with strong hands
never let me go
feel me and then lead me
through your burning soul

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