infidel lyrics – internal bleeding

you awoke a sleeping giant
now deal with the wrath
site set on the east
laying waste to all in its path
there will be payback
all life will cease
we rain down fire
we are the coming beast

i am all you hate
an eye for an eye
bringer of death
the prophecy

slaughter – i’m killing with precision
not leaving one soul to chance
all heaven can’t stop this now
as h*ll is unleashed on earth

infidel proudly – and i wear it like a badge
infidel proudly – succ*mb to my rage
infidel proudly – overthrowing your cause
infidel proudly – and i’ll bathe in your blood


you’ve tragically misconceived my power
now take your place amongst the dead
the fate of the world is at stake
as i p*ss your life away
m*ss murder
forced starvation

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