inner enemy lyrics – gauntlet

into the void i am
the conspiracy of my mind is taking control
i’m losing the fight, i can’t breathe, no ask for mercy
life is p*ssing me by
loneliness is taking me to darkness
you’re watching me from above
as i’m sinking in these quicksand
will you throw me a rope?

it seems that i’m falling deep
into the twilight of my life
i’m just a shadow of what i used to be
man, it’s hard to carry on like this
when sadness keeps on devouring me

i am my inner enemy
the only one i can’t defeat
my deadly foe, my archenemy
all the time it’s me versus me
i am my inner enemy
the only one i can’t defeat

in my nightmares i always lose

now i’m back on the road again
too many miles of sorrow under my wheels
hours become days as they turn blue to gray
i don’t have the right to complain
‘cos this is the path that i’ve chosen
always feeling selfish because i’ve got it all
trapped in a circle of melancholy
and i can’t take no more

you are the only one that will never disappoint me
the only one that will never leave me
guide me through this sea of sadness
i’ve always known you’re my true love

i am my inner enemy…

don’t you hear my call?
i’m helpless
if i ever meant anything for you
please, heal me!

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