inner fetal dismemberment lyrics – lividity

carefully choosing my tools
only the sharpest of devices
while caressing the stomach
i slowly begin insertion

blindly i try to find the life the grows within
and inner fetal dismemberment will begin

fluids rush as the embryonic sac in punctured
moaning, bloated, b*tch
severed appendages, decapitated
blood spews from your widened crevice
drenched in the fluids
contractions begin

your c*nt becomes vomitous
spitting ragged pieces of flesh
undeveloped bones piece and splinter
guts and mushy pulp-like flesh

tiny intestines fall like sh*t
from the mutilated birth c*n*l
to the floor this horrid mess
thin tender skin so sweet
join me in my feast
mouth waters with antic*p*tion
she helps me indulge in this meal
l*st marinade delicacy
she has created

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