inside the circle of stones lyrics – darkwoods my betrothed

along time ago was this stone circle built
the reason behind it remains a mystery

why was it built at end of all paths?
on a tiny glade where no one could find

i wondered what was the purpose of this strange cult
to quench the thirst of my curiosity i decided to step in

the very moment i put my feet inside
i lost my consciousness, my sense of reality
it was another world i ended up in
somewhere far from ours

i flew through a tunnel where voices
were calling my name enchantingly
flashes of nightmareous visions
a man of god would say i was in h*ll

suddenly i found myself in a void
empty of matter empty of noise
a while i didn’t know if i still was flying
until it began again
it was as sudden when i got back to my reality
supposedly after rolling out of the circle in the dream
i immediately knew that my knowledge wasn’t enough
to research and possess this secret

when i walked away i stopped on a little hill
i saw it again, now also it’s shape… a five-pointed star

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