interlude iii – a strange visitor lyrics – dethlehem

the keeper had told them in order to reach dregmour
they must go
beyond the horizon to the hypergates of infinitude,
there they would be
able to harness a portal into his palace upon the

beyond the horizon….how should we travel into the
i can help you i think! hhrrnnnnffff
[lord bonecrush:]
what…is that?

a heavily scarred and beaten goblin appeared before
them, shaking
and stained with urine.

[lord bonecrush:]
what do you want?!?! foul beast!??!?
hrnnnff i’m neildorph! yagolith the goblin king you
defeated was
my brother! mmmff but he didn’t like me very muchhhhhh.
my god…the stink
but i can help you, as long as you don’t kill me!
hmmmmfffff the
skypalace! the dragonriders you can seek!
[lord bonecrush:]
they ride into the skies! they are at war with each
other but
i’m sure you could use their *ssistance! nrrrff
[lord bonecrush:]
alright! this p*ss smelling goblin can show us the way!
can i quest with you? mmrreh
collective (in unison): no! no! no! f*ck no!
aw schmuckleberries!

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