intermission lyrics – unsung zeros

if the world should end, and we both die tonight.
i’d have no more time to say the things i might.
had i known that this last hour would come so soon.
i’d have spent the last year speaking just to you.
and they’d be awkward all the things i would have said.
and that’s the reason they have not been spoken yet.
but they mean too much to let them go unheard.
even if i cannot really find the words.
everyone’s moving
i’m standing still
i stand frozen, stooped in headlights and i watch.
as fate rolls up near and strikes me where i’m stopped.
so i look as all i’ve wished for fades away.
because fear grabbed a hold and kept me stuck in place.
but now i swear to everyone i’ve broken free.
and most of all to you i vow to be
the best of everything which i know that i can.
because now i’m sure i’ll always understand.
times never frozen
i will move on’

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