internal vaginal art lyrics – disfigurement

welcome to my saloon
i’m a genital graphic.
i prefer internal v*g*n*l art.
a pure light of the future art
illuminate my way.
and imperfection of your pitch-dark c*nt
inspire my creative fate

and you call me genital genius.
i deserve this honorable name.
my clientele calls me genital genius.
i deserve the crown of libido

i suggest a various service.
only in this saloon
i can adorn the skin of your c*nt,
it will be very coming to you.
brand, tattoo or scarlines
comics labels near a womb
n*body see it, but everyone can feel it
if he will penetrate into you.

make your choice
you will be in raptures
masturbate like chimpanzee
and f*ck like a b*tch
with the ornate hole
with plaits of a c*nthair
make your choice
you must understand.
the secret art of the future.
internal v*g*n*l gallery
a short exhibition of a vulgar thought.
it’s not easy.
to turn your c*nt inside out.
shut up sc*m!
don’t you f*cking squeak.
shut up sc*m!
or i tear asunder your c*nt.
bleeding b*tch.
don’t you f*cking squeak.

the art demand a sacrifice.
your pain is nothing
by fear narcotized.
and after that if you survive
more perfect v*g*n* will be your pride

internal s*xual organs
i push in the natural place
the graphic design in the gashframes.
the brand of unholy grace.

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