into the dementia lyrics – diabolicum

(sasrof, erik danielsson)

i fall into the halls of dementia
through the bleak netherworlds
of the subconscious sea
towards the earth of darkness
far beyond where the illusions blind me
i drink the wine of hatred
strengthen myself with misanthropic pride
and from the realm where
our (warrior) father dwell
i shall return to this world with h*ll

the seth apep chant
i am the god of vengance
i am the blood of nun
i am the breed of the blackest flame
i am the reaper’s blade
i am the world reaper
i am the death of ra
i am the endless chaos
i am the soul of hate

in frantic ecstasy – the zenith of death
free from flesh, evil eternal
floating in a liquid that bleeds
from thy mark
branded in flesh, in soul and in heart

(for seth and the imperial darkness)

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