into the light (baphomet rising) lyrics – dead to this world

powers to be, powers that were
an undying balance
feeding upon the flesh of the weak
consummate me
descend your wisdom, make me as one
with your ever strengthening
the indestructible
onwards and drawing nearer
spiraling into the night
none shall follow
when darkness materializes
the ocean all-consuming
the mountains crack
this bleak illusion
shaken off my back
grant me your venomous
your treasurous light
guide me on my way
so rich and empowering
these walls are crumbling
i am sickening myself
never to return
this body left to burn

rise with fire
eject from pain
this human error
brought to life in vain
connect my spirit
feed the ancient flame
come lit the sky
make me pure again

leaving this mortal sh*ll
becoming the unconquerable
bleeding all life away
enter the deadless reign
countdown for man today
show me more…
lend me your eye to see
wide open gate for me

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