intro (hallucinagenics) lyrics – esham

runnin’ wit’ 5 lane bros, seein’ things. here’s ya intro
to acid hallucinagenics. human beings… y’all 12 rap on that.

i take this war sh*t deeply
you should be avoiding my recording
i take this war sh*t deeply
‘cuz murder’s my rewarding [2x]

so many trials and tribulations
havin’ wicked conversations
with god and satan, thug and desperation
so many killas across the nation
live in anialation, but i’m ready to kill some sh*t
mental patient, impatient
watch me change the situation wit’ this murder demonstration
when i blow your *ss away when you out free-basin’
still runnin’ up in the race, facin’ racists
just racin’, comtemplatin’ suicide still idle time wastin’
still a nation ahead of time and space
the rag over my face
if you ride wit’ me you might end up in a police chase
i will not surrender
i don’t recommend the wicked sh*t for you
you just a hoe, and you can’t do what i do
it’s hard to perform under these circ*mstances
penitentiary chances
watch the devil when he dances
you’ll need an ambulances, puttin’ em in trances
hypnotize, watch you wake up when i snap my fingas
open ya eyes, open ya eyes


i take this war sh*t deeply, peep me
never hang where the weak be
always woke, never sleepy
i keep the uzi and i’ll wet you like a jacuzzi
kick sh*t like a suzuki, hit you wit’ the horuki
back up offa me
what the f*ck
n*gg*z get that cash up
hoes bounce that *ss up
back up offa me
what the f*ck
n*gg*z get that cash up
hoes bounce that *ss up
i shoot a little ‘caine
paranoid insane
‘panic attack’
i’m manic
stressed the f*ck out
keep the heat on me at all times
so my shirt it kinda stuck out
don’t make me draw down and buck out
‘cuz where i’m from when the guns bust
they leave ya f*ckin’ guts out


so many rules and regulations
bein’ broke, death by speculation
the world’s fascination with self afflicted mutilation
how can i obtain the power through manifestation
immortalized and bomb mummification
peep the translation, check communications
run at top secret operations

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