invisible felon lyrics – game

(verse 1)

n*gg* i lock the whole block up
see the block what
you can’t stop us or drop us
long nose, sluggin the drop what
we real n*gg*s
compton blood runnaz and gunnaz
the red raiders been on hiatus
made it back for the summer
f**k rap, it aint about that
hip hop is dead
you whack rappers broke one in the head
nas said it he aint regret it
i talk to him
any n*gg* disagree
run up on the p*ssenger side
and put a spark to him
phony *ss rap n*gg*s
swear they gon clap some
talkin out the side of they mouth
with no gat frontin
long as i’m alive, this sh*t don’t stop
we know who killed big and pac
he gon’ drop

you n*gg*s think you scare me?
n*gg* you don’t scare me b
i’m from compton mothaf**ka
real life, real gangs, real shootouts mothaf**ka i took them shots
i see you standin there
so what b*tch? move!

(verse 2)
i’m the west don
the next one to kick his f**kin feet up
puffin on cheeba
n*gg*s give me the chills
i pick the heat up
im scared of who, you? f**k naw
i let the sh*t blow
circle the block, before i duck off
i stay blunted, stay around p*ssy
stay liquored up wit the finest b*tches
you n*gg*s trickin
i’m wit the bucks like milwaukee
i shoot em dead
left hand like michael redd
recycle the flow, come back
i’m dead prez

too political
guerilla on m*ss beats
leave your career in critical condition
destroy n*gg*s, my mission is to disposition
all you f*ggots
i ain’t beefin with one n*gg*
theres room for all you n*gg*s in this casket
get in

all h*m* *ss n*gg*s, b
n*gg*s straight f**kin h*m*s n*gg*
when you see me in the streets n*gg*
you dont say sh*t
n*gg*s dont be doin sh*t
whole bunch of n*gg*s man
loud noise makers, f**k yall

(verse 3)
i stand ova n*gg*s wit a gun
let it hum
your crew run, run, run, your crew run, run
i stand ova n*gg*s wit a gun
let it hum
your crew run, run, run, your crew run, run
i f**k ova n*gg*s
only give props
to them olda n*gg*s
snoop, cube, rakim, krs
the coldest n*gg*s
can’t forget nasty nas
and that hova n*gg*
disrespectful tongue? yet it still i owe them n*gg*s
pay homage, spray llamas
drive bentleys, roll through any hood
you don’t believe me
then ride wit me
pray on the soul
on any n*gg* that collide wit me
he bust first, i shot back
the moral is you die wit me

see n*gg* i don’t really give a f**k
about all this g-unit talk and all these punk *ss records n*gg*
first of all you don’t sell records n*gg*
second of all n*gg* you ain’t as handsome as me
third of all you ain’t f**kin as many b*tches as i’m f**kin
fourth of all you ain’t got enough og mothaf**kin homies backin you n*gg*
fifth of all, f**k you

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