invisible lyrics – alan guno

just like a shadow lost in the moonlight
walks in the night – a night that just, just won’t end
a fading spirit in the land of the living
comes to the light but fades away once again

no one comes near – like they’re seeing right through me
all they can hear is a whisper of fear

invisible – i may as well not have come here
invisible – it’s as if i have disappeared

i see the people – they’re walking right by me
don’t even stop – don’t even open their eyes
forgotten now – forgotten, lost and alone now
our phantom love that slowly met it’s demise

losing my mind – i left it somewhere, here in the city
losing my faith – it shudders more with each sigh

invisible – the silence stopped by a memory
invisible – and that’s when i start to cry

lovers here in the morning
others coming and going
tell me how can the night be
causing the world to walk by and ignore me
broken – can’t see me suffer
battered – asking in wonder
why my very existence
solely depends on the love of another

invisible – just like the wind in the twilight
invisible – i opened up, you walked through
invisible – i used to be there beside you
but love is gone – and so it seems i am too

i’m invisible to you

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