irony lyrics – buried dreams

heaven . . .
paradise . . .
my life behind the line
a world up in the skies
but still no answers –
to my live hapiness . . .
love . . .
the things that i don’t share
feel empty in myself
since the night my eyes-
saw her beauty dressed in black
her picture in my mind
like a vision disapears
a second-to eternety
in her eyes i saw a light a feeling,
long lost in time
takes me to leave the skies
to leave the skies
flying, running,
i search for her
no sign of the dream
i once had touched
hopeless, laying,
full in pain
embrace by the dark there’s only one light…
one way
carried by the wind
a wishper, silent scream
her voice in my mind
guides me to reach her al last…
in her cold lips
a taste of l*st living a sin
not felt before
out of her veins
i drink her blood within her live
there is a light
dark night down on me
fight back leave me be
take me down to death
dark night eternally
of evil h*rns
and angel wings
a new child born
i’m the wolf
i’m the lamb
sun and moon
that make a day
no holy lord
or evil god
i’m both extrems
which need themselves
in me they fight…
dark night down on me fight back leave me be
take me…
take me…
where there’s a light
there’s always a shadow…

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