it’s all good lyrics – busta rhymes

let me talk to you
let me talk to you baby
i’ve got some sh*t to share we your freaky *ss, ha

i like the way you freak it baby, i love your style
the way you stick your tongue in my mouth and act wild
the way you give me them little fights and little tussles
bite the back of your neck weaking your leg muscles
the type of chick who always want to take it there
she don’t care, ready to f*ck anywhere
make a n*gg* want to bust ’til my legs cripple
put your br**sts in my face, tell me bite the nipples
you got me breathing hard, the whole sh*t
kiss me on the chest, my belly b*tton
baby, start to kiss the whole d*ck
strap you up, one time
slap your *ss up, two time
and watch you jingle
i love the way your whole *ss wiggle
the way she turning me on and make my little freak wanna giggle
before the d*ck paid the p*ssy a visit
grabbed the p*ssy from the back a stuck my fingers all in it


have you ever went over your freak’s house to chill
and the both of you understood
that y’all could chill with the talking ‘cos y’all were straight f*cking
and for both of y’all, it’s all good
sometimes you try to play it off but you know you can’t
now a n*gg* d*ck hard like wood
you tried the macaroni-salad-the-sweet-p*ssy-delight
i’ma f*ck it every time i could

my freak start stripping
i take a closer look, her p*ssy dripping
flipping, you know i ain’t tripping
got my heart skipping, antic*p*ting the fun
baby, kiss the d*ck one more time and start the d*ck suck
i like the way you lick it, the way you suck it
the way you tell me you want the right d*ck to f*ck it
the d*ck rest upon the p*ssy right here like wool
grab my *ss and pull, say you want your p*ssy whole full
now talk the dirty sh*t, i like it like that
the way you swing your waist and throw all the p*ssy back
baby got me all in the p*ssy, i ain’t joking
she turning round, bending over, spreading her *ss wide open
oh yes, so i can get all in
she say she like the way the d*ck make the p*ssy feel from deep within
and when it slip out, she stick it right in
i love her just the way she is and how handle her biz

{chorus to fade…}

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